Join Echoites Around The World Showing Off Our Camp Pride & Spirit on May 7th!

Join us on May 7th for A Special Edition of #CampTShirtDay and visit at 8 PM for a Special Virtual Evening Activity Surprise!

Dear Camp Echo! 

We hope this message finds you in good health and spirits. We are reminded in these challenging times of the strength and resiliency of our Echo family. Life may look a little different these days but one thing is for sure...each day has been made a little easier by camp friends checking on one another, families coming together to offer support, our leadership team spending countless hours for Zoom calls and summer planning, and our larger community applauding healthcare professionals on the frontlines. As difficult as today may seem, you have made each day brighter and we couldn’t be more proud.

The world needs more of your light, our Camp Echo spirit, and a reminder that as difficult as today may seem, better days lie ahead. 

For this reason, we could not be more proud to participate in a special edition of International Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day on May 7th around the world. Echo has always jumped right in and we are hoping you join us in a global celebration of summer camp. Taking part is super easy:

  1. On Thursday May 7th wear your favorite Camp Echo gear. 

  2. Take a photo of yourself, make sure we can see what shirt or sweatshirt you’re wearing. 

  3. Instagram, Facebook, Tweet, or TikTok your photo @TheCampEcho. Tag @CampTShirtDay. 

  4. Be Sure To Use #CampTShirtDay in ALL Posts so we can measure our global impact!

  5. Post With Pride! 

  6. SPECIAL EDITION BONUS: Make a 5 second video of you in your camp gear thanking healthcare workers on the frontlines! Email to 

  7. Head over to on May 7th for a Special Evening Activity with camps across the country to be streamed live on YouTube! Details to follow.

In addition to submitting your photos on social media - be sure to send them to us by emailing so we can share in this great day of camp spirit and community! Remember to smile : )

Camp Echo is proud to stand united with camps across the country and beyond in our determination to deliver another incredible summer for our campers in 2020. We’re looking forward to seeing that Echo spirit that we love on May 7th and sharing it with the world.

In good health,

The Camp Echo Team